About Excel Cleaning Solutions Fresno

Excel Cleaning Solutions first started as a family owned and operated micro-company.  It was established in 2004 by a father and son and has now evolved into one of the best cleaning service providers in the central valley.  We have built a great reputation in the industry and over the years the have raised the bar when comes to cleaning standards. The company still pertains that humble spirit from when it started and reserves it as part of the companies culture.

Our leaders and supervisors have 4+ years of experience in the cleaning industry. At Excel Cleaning Solutions we refer to our staff as team members because we all function for the same purpose as a unit. Each team member is screened in a variety of aspects to verify if they fit our team.  Each member is certified and required to complete 28 hours of our customized training program. We have high expectations of our team members and firmly believe in integrity and a great company culture. We offrer bonuses and other rewarding programs to keep our members motivated and proud of being part of Excel.

Our Mission
Our mission is to continue to grow and reinvent ourselves as a innovative company.  it is our desire is to be recognized as a prestigious company that provides the greatest value and the best experience to our clients, each and every time. We want to make and impact with whomever we do business with and set the trend for what a great cleaning company should be.  Excel now has new operations developing in the Sacramento and Bakersfield area. We will continue to expand our roots through the central valley while building great relationships along the way, and giving back to the communities who have supported us though our services.

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