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Our Approach
We know finding a new cleaning company is a delicate situation, so our strategy is an effecient hassle-free colaboration with our clients that makes contracting a breeze.  There are four key elements to finding the right company and they are; professionalism, references, accountability, and consistency.  Our efficient 3 step approach consist of a walk-through, diagnosis, and putting together a custom cleaning program that tailors your cleaning standards and most important, your budget.

Why Choose Us

We Are Dedicated To Excellence!

We understand the industry and the demands that are required. We are affordable and we are effective.  As a full service company, we do not sub-contract other vendors.  This reduces the head-ache of dealing with multiple vendors as our clients have the accessisibility to multiple services tied to one contract.  We have multiple years of experience in various types of building maintenance.  Upon selecting our services we provide what we call "restoration cleaning".  This is where our team is brought in to virtually restore the look and cleanliness of your building to its immaculate apperance. We then maintain your establishment to that standard with quality control and supervision systems.  We are so confident in the value we provide, that we offer a risk-free one week trial.

Our  Methodology: 

•    Communication Log-books

  • •    Customized Cleaning Programs
  • •    Supervision Systems
  • •    Quality Control Systems
  • •    Team Cleaning Crews

Our tools and techniques include:
Log-books at your site where you may leave specific instructions for the team , and where the team can also can relay important information for the client, for example: a door was unlocked, lights were left on etc. Technicians review the log-book each and every time they arrive on site.

Regular site inspections
We certainly don't depend on our clients to monitor our services. Every facility receives a regular walk-through each time after cleaning is complete by a team leader. Then followed by a weekly supervisors inspection to ensure the quality of work and guarantee our clients satisfaction. 

Team Cleaning

We believe in team cleaning  because where one member lacks, another is its strong-suit.  Where one might miss something another will follow through and make-up for it.  Each functions for the same purpose as a unit towards the same goal.  To maintain the site  emmaculate and keep our clients happy.

Rewards Program

At Excel we recognize when team members are doing great work on a consistent basis.  That is why we reward them with $50 bonuses, gift cards, and other gifts.  This gives them incentive to be part of Excel and perform thier tasks to the best of thier ability. We believe our staff should be highly morivated and take a sense of pride in what they do.

We also reward our clients! Every 6 months we offer a free courtesy service of any choice.

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We Service:

•    Retail Stores
•    Shopping Malls
•    Clinics
•    Dentist Office
•    Offices & Suites
•    Hospital
•    Arenas/Stadiums
•    Government Building & Facilities
•    Banks
•    Markets
•    Warehouses
•    Gyms & Fitness Centers
•    Restaurants
•    Churches
•    Halls
•    Schools

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We serve - Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Kerman, Sanger, Selma, Sacramento, Bakersfield and the central valley